Heroes of Science is a new monthly series dedicated to the men and women who revolutionise the way we think and live. You will not find Einstein or Galileo in this series. The purpose here is to give wider publicity to some of the biggest names in contemporary scientific research, not to rehash well worn history.


But why do big names need more publicity?

The fact is that despite heroic efforts these people are still not household names like Posh and Becks, Wayne Rooney, or P Diddy Hilton, or insert any other pop idol with an itchy Twitter finger. Even the bigger names in this series of Science Heroes are still not the subject of ordinary dinner table conversation. Consider this month’s Hero of Science, the hugely popular and recognised neurologist V.S. Ramachandran. History will paint him as a hero, but today he is no more than a C-list celebrity. I doubt he has priority entrance at the latest urban club. Does somebody of his calibre need a leggy blonde on his arm? Should he really walk in the shadow of the valley of Bieber?

But one day these Heroes of Science will be widely and popularly recognised, remembered and romanticised à la Freud, Newton or Copernicus.

Wouldn’t you love to go back and meet historical Heroes of Science?

You could go back and eat that apple before it landed on Newton’s head. Imagine the discoveries Isaac would have made were it not for apple-induced head trauma.

Or maybe you would prefer to go back and whisper to Marie Curie ‘now listen lady scientist, you’re on the right track alright, and you are doing great things for the emancipation of women, and for nuclear warheads too … but maybe you should …’

Forget about time travel though. You can meet a Hero of Science today … NOW. But only if you know who they are, and why you would want to meet them. Hence the necessity of this new monthly series of articles, Heroes of Science.

Each month I will introduce a new hero. This will not be the usual Wikipedia catalog of their achievements. The aim is to introduce people outside the field to critical academic findings and what those findings mean for us.

This is not a poor man’s attempt to redefine the Nobel prizes, and it is not intended to be a hottest 100 list full of the word ‘BOOM’, nor is there any preferential order to this list. The only defining feature of these people is that they are Heroes of Science not yet in receipt of the global recognition they deserve.


… mostly because the mainstream media is too shy or too uneducated to broadcast the lives and work of these people. It is far easier to splay a page 3 photograph of Paris Hilton’s latest half naked mini labra-doodle wrestling a hotdog than to understand what makes the world tick, what makes us tick, what makes you tick, BOOM … oops.

This month our Hero of Science is V.S. Ramachandran the brilliant neurologist. You can access this article from HERE or on the HOMEPAGE 

If there is a hero of science you wish to receive the Science Satirist touch then please post nominations below.


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