The mission of this site is to translate often complicated scientific developments into easily digestible and entertaining material for mass consumption.

One of the best weapons we have for truly engaging social commentary is the art of satire.  The literal translation of lanx satura from Latin is “a full dish of various kinds of fruit”*. The Science Satire Serpent is a satirist at heart, so he loves the full array of forbidden fruits. Hence SCIENTIA PER LANX SATVRA or ‘knowledge through satire’.

Here you will find Opinion pieces and News pieces on topics from Astronomy to Zoology. The unifying theme is that everything discussed here is cutting edge, topical, and possibly divisive.

Why divisive?

Well … that is what science is all about.

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* according to Theodore D. Kharpertian’s commentary of satire in the works of Thomas Pynchon (and Wikipedia)